IMPORTANT - iTunes Podcast Change

By Thomas

Hey guys,

as mentioned in the recent two podcast episodes, we do a bigger change with the podcast.
Due to some problems with the old podcast feed we need to change it to a new feed to make sure you can get your weekly dosis of Trance with us :)

For everyone who subscribed to our podcast you need to do the following steps to get all podcasts in future.

  • unsubscribe to the existing "Store N Forward Podcast" at iTunes
  • search for "Store N Forward" at the iTunes Store an subscribe to our Podcast
  • done!

That’s all you have to do.

If you have any problems with finding us at iTunes go here:

Both podcast feeds will work for the next 3 weeks until we stop using the old one.
If you got any trouble with it feel free to contact us.

Cheers and happy weekend
Thomas and Chris