2 new singles OUT TODAY

By Thomas

Dear folks, 

we are very pleased to share with you some great news. Today is the day our new single with the beautiful voice of Sylvia Brandse is seeing the light of day. We are so happy to have another release on our home base RazNitzan Music. 

For more information on that release “Yesterdays & Futures” try out the following links 

Buy at Beatport


Listen at Soundcloud



But that’s not enough. As we say in an old phrase in Germany – you can’t stay on one leg!

There is another new single seeing the light of day, today!


Store N Forward “Rise” is a slightly more progressive tune with an arpeggio lead an orchestral breakdown. This one is also available now, on Beatport. 

Check out these links for more:

Buy at Beatport


Listen at Soundcloud



We are thrilled to have both releases out as per today and can’t wait for your feedback. 


Keep it trancy 

Thomas and Chris